ManTech is a mobile and gaming app development company with a team that shares the passion, personality and dedication for the craft.  Their designers and creative engineers have produced numerous applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android handsets and tablets. The ManTech crew is perfectionist at heart. For them there is a sense of joy and excitement in building tailor-made apps while challenging the expensive and consuming development process that results after a new idea. 

ManTech approached us in early 2014 to take on the branding of their company. During the first meeting we discussed the mission and initiative of the organization. It was important for them we understood their audience and the type of presence that ManTech should make. After getting immersed in the details, we wanted to simplify it and make the information approachable and legible to people.  


Then we designed a visual using Microsoft Power Point, Photoshop and Illustrator. We came up with the design, layout and content. The ManTech execs were going to Detroit and needed a deck that focused specifically on how small and medium-size businesses that are moving into a new city would benefit from their application development services. The message needed to be simple and straightforward, always keeping customers at the heart of business thinking. 

 The next step was the website. We worked closely with their programmer ensuring the final product stayed true to the design approved by ManTech. We designed a set set of 24 app icons for already existing ManTech applications.