Hello World! Welcome to Media Shark, a think tank of ideas about design, video, media trends and any other concept or project our team gets their hands on. This is a place where we can ramble about our restless commitment to cure average and make this world more visually compelling; a place where complete normalcy is accepted but not fostered. Where robot dances and random Krusty Krab pizza chants may happen at any moment. You won't find many chairs... because we prefer our exercise balls, giant beanbag, and standing desks make our new studio a happier working environment, where even Cass and Anubis (our beloved pets) enjoy the perks of being part of the Media Shark family. But, in between our atypical work environment, our fine group of men and women stay focused on delivering both digital and tangible experiences. Each person in our team has diverse skills that come together to drive and get the best from every project we create. We're believers of the value of great design and engaging messages. And, it's working fantastically.